The proactive, white-glove approach
to home maintenance

Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge (HMC) offers a comprehensive list of services designed to prolong the life of your home’s systems, reduce possible system failure and maintain the comfort of your property, while relieving you of the burden of home maintenance. 

Our service agreement includes quarterly visits that cover a comprehensive list of maintenance and preventative care, as well as our signature Lock-N-Leave™ service.



does your home make the grade?

Your home’s health score is the result of a comprehensive evaluation of your home and its associated systems. Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge goes well beyond the basic home inspection, and determines areas of potential failure and loss potential that go unnoticed by many.

Waterside HMC’s home health score arms you with quality and trusted information that will assist you in identifying potential problems before they occur, and offers plans to correct the flaws and mitigate any potential disasters. 

110-Point Check


Four times a year, your dedicated service professional will perform a 110-point inspection on your home, systems and appliances. This comprehensive service covers the entirety of your home, and includes system tests and basic maintenance, including battery, lightbulb and filter replacement.

This service is a thorough examination of HVAC, attic and crawl spaces, batteries, electrical, all exterior, roof, gutters, chimney, security system, garage, doors and windows, all appliances, plumbing, venting, and more. 

20-Point ChecK

Monthly check-ins

Depending on the type of service plan you select, your dedicated service professional will perform a 20-point maintenance service that is designed to prolong the life of your home and its systems, increase the value of your property through thorough documentation, and keep your home comfortable and cared for.

This service also aids in the routine maintenance that comes up through living day to day in the home.  


Honey-do's and beyond

A rattling doorknob. A broken sprinkler head. A pantry in desperate need of a face-lift. It doesn’t take much to load up a to-do list. Since Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge is more than preventative maintenance, we can help you check off the items on your honey-do, to-do and any other list you have. Waterside HMC employs only the most trusted contractors to work under the guidance of your HMC representative to ensure that every job is completed to your satisfaction.

From the smallest list to the biggest renovations, Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge is there to help.

red-carpet-ready sERVICES

beyond the basics in home beautification 

Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge offers several boutique services in addition to our standard service package. These offerings are designed to keep your home looking like new and red-carpet ready all year long.  


travel with confidence 

With Waterside HMC’s Lock-N-Leave™ service, you can travel anywhere in the world with the assurance that your home is being cared for.

Your trusted and dedicated service professional will perform regular checks on your residence to ensure everything is secure and in proper working condition, so when you return home, it will be like you never left. As a standard procedure for all services, you will receive an email report so you can keep up with the service in or out of town.