each client is our only client

Our customers have welcomed us into their homes and trusted us with the care and maintenance of their properties.
We are proud of the relationships we’ve built with our homeowners, and it delights us to know that the feeling is mutual. 




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“Waterside HMC handles the routine matters with excellence and precision.”

“Waterside HMC handles the routine matters with excellence and precision, but it is the nonroutine matters that set them apart. When we had a leak from a defective storage tank that began to flood our garage, one phone call was all that was needed. Within a matter of minutes, the Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge team completely took over and handled the emergent situation from beginning to end. From stopping the leak to coordinating with vendors to coordinating the remediation, their service was seamless and exceptional. Not only did it instill 100% confidence in their service and product, but I didn’t even have to move back my early morning flight for business. The service and professionalism are one thing, but the peace of mind Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge provides is another altogether.”

— Joe, partner at a Dallas trial and litigation law firm


“As with anything new regarding your most valued asset (your home), there is hopeful optimism that you are making the right investment. As a recent subscriber to the Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge Service, I must say our home has achieved a level of care that it has never experienced since it was built, and that reassurance is very comforting. During our initial in-depth home inventory, it was discovered that we had a small pinhole leak in one of our 75-gallon water heaters located in a closet. We would have never noticed that until some catastrophic event would have occurred. Our service professional immediately called his certified plumbing company who came and repaired the leak all within two hours. The finding of that one issue alone probably paid for our service for a year. I must say as good as a well-maintained home makes us feel, our favorite part of the Waterside Concierge service is their Lock-N-Leave™ service, which allows you to travel for extended periods of time with the comfort of knowing your trained personnel concierge is regularly checking your home for any unforeseen problems that may occur while you’re away. We now have a whole new level of security knowing our home is greatly cared for while we are at home and away.”

— Tom, prominent Dallas real estate agent

Meet the Browns

Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge customers since 2014

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Barbara Fasola breaks down the service and top benefits she gains from being a Waterside HMC member.

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“We enjoy traveling often and being gone for weeks at a time.”

“My husband and I have been clients of Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge for almost a year now and have been more than pleased with the service. We enjoy traveling often and being gone for weeks at a time. It is certainly a challenge to find people to watch our house while we are gone, and Waterside has completely eliminated that problem with their Lock-N-Leave™ program! Waterside’s Lock-N-Leave™ service includes making periodic visits to our house to get the mail and paper, and also performing their 20-point inspection on the critical systems. After every visit, we receive an email report that gives us peace of mind wherever in the world we are at the time. Since we became clients, we have never had to worry about if our home was safe while we were out of the country knowing that Waterside was taking care of it. And further, our periodic maintenance is now handled, and with any issues that arise, Waterside is one call away. They are truly an asset and a trusted advisor to our family! Waterside has exceeded our expectations in every way and we could not be happier. We love having the peace of mind that our home is being taken care of and someone is watching over our home while we are away.”

— Lauren, homeowner in Park Cities, Dallas

Meet the rays

not only are they loyal waterside HMC customers, but we are building their next home too!

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Barbara Fasola talks about her love for the Waterside HMC Service.

Lock-N-Leave™ is an invaluable service that she and her husband utilize throughout the year.

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“Your guys were at my house today. I love this service!
Very helpful and very professional.”

— Eddie, managing director at a leading wealth advisement group

“They have done an outstanding job assessing our needs.”

“We think the world of Waterside Home Maintenance Concierge, and thus far, they have done an outstanding job assessing our needs and taking necessary steps to rectify problems, as well as recommend preventative measures against possible future disasters. Plus, the reports are very detailed and thorough.”

— Terry, president at a private Dallas firm


“Amazing! I like CLEAN and LOVE clean windows ... great job and gas lamps too! Ryan is great, by the way. Wish I wasn't leaving town tomorrow for a few weeks to enjoy my windows more!”

— Suzanne, local entrepreneur in Dallas

“I feel so much better knowing I have someone to call.”

“I feel so much better knowing I have someone to call – especially since we moved to Dallas a year ago and don't have the familiar professionals we had in San Antonio.”

— Cindy and Jerry, retired homeowners in Dallas


“We have been clients of Waterside HMC since July 2014, and have loved the service from day one. The service offers us the ability to live our lives, and allows Waterside to maintain and oversee any additional work being done at our home so we do not have to alter our schedules to be at home. If something breaks or stops working, all we have to do is make a phone call or send an email and we know our service professional is going to handle everything. In the past, I have had to arrange my schedule in order to be home with the repairman because I did not feel comfortable with them in the house with only my wife. This made it very difficult for me to work a full day or to make any plans. The repair company gives you a five-hour window that they will show up, which forces you to be at home waiting for them. With Waterside HMC, they handle the scheduling directly with the repair company and meet them at the house, and oversee all the work completed and vet all the pricing for us. They use their construction background to make sure that we are getting the quality of work needed to fix the problem, and aren't getting overcharged or sold something we don't need. It is a huge relief and comfort to know that someone else is handling everything for us, and we do not have to change our routine or schedules to get something repaired or fixed. My wife and I have greatly enjoyed the service and couldn't be happier with the professionalism and the job they have done for us.”

— Quint, general partner at a Dallas VC firm